Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Taken from the SPCA newsletter:

Who Could Have Done This?

The SPCA Ambulance collected this badly battered stray dog on Tuesday (Early Oct).
A concerned member of the public alerted us to this poor dogs plight, and suspected that the dog was probably beaten up some kids in the neighbourhood.
Below is a first-hand account of the incident from our PR Officer Nicole Tai:"It was a usual hectic afternoon yesterday down at the SPCA Animal Shelter.

The usual flow of visitors walking in and out, enquiring about a particular kitten or a dog, visitors poking about in our Charity Shoppe and the usual banter of volunteers recommending suitable animals to adopters.

As I was speaking to a visitor, in came a Malay gentleman, with urgency he exclaimed, "Boleh SPCA tolong angkat anjing belakang rumah saya, ada budak pukul dia kepala dia cedera teruk. Saya tak tertahan tengok. Boleh tolong tak?".

He proceeded to give his address to us and left in a hurry. Swiftly our driver rushed to the scene as I resumed my work for the day.

Halfway through my task, our white van came back and I had a sinking feeling immediately.

Our shelter dogs barked and howled furiously, almost in a dirge.
I peered from the window and could see our driver gently carrying the dog out.

It was a medium-sized white and brown mongrel, dirty and severely emaciated.

Clearly, a hard life was written all over it's skinny body. It screamed and yelped in pain as it was lifted slowly towards a waiting room.

Five minutes later, our Vet returned and told us the grim news. The poor dog was very badly battered.

The skull was open, and the maggot infestation had caused half of its head to sink in.

Both eyes has been devoured by maggots.

The dog suffered the ordeal for quite awhile, according to our Vet.

It was swiftly put to sleep to end its suffering. I was called in to take the photographs.What I saw made me weep.

What cruelty can man inflict on one of God's innocent and loving creatures.

The poor dog had its head split open, I cannot imagine the pain it had gone through. We were all horrified beyond words.

This is what happens when people abandon their dogs, or contribute to the number of stray animals on the streets.

This dog had done no wrong, but met with such tragedy by being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Let this be a lesson to all – the streets are not kind to animals. Let's work together to ensure that one day, there will be no more homeless animals.