Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Taken from the SPCA newsletter:

Who Could Have Done This?

The SPCA Ambulance collected this badly battered stray dog on Tuesday (Early Oct).
A concerned member of the public alerted us to this poor dogs plight, and suspected that the dog was probably beaten up some kids in the neighbourhood.
Below is a first-hand account of the incident from our PR Officer Nicole Tai:"It was a usual hectic afternoon yesterday down at the SPCA Animal Shelter.

The usual flow of visitors walking in and out, enquiring about a particular kitten or a dog, visitors poking about in our Charity Shoppe and the usual banter of volunteers recommending suitable animals to adopters.

As I was speaking to a visitor, in came a Malay gentleman, with urgency he exclaimed, "Boleh SPCA tolong angkat anjing belakang rumah saya, ada budak pukul dia kepala dia cedera teruk. Saya tak tertahan tengok. Boleh tolong tak?".

He proceeded to give his address to us and left in a hurry. Swiftly our driver rushed to the scene as I resumed my work for the day.

Halfway through my task, our white van came back and I had a sinking feeling immediately.

Our shelter dogs barked and howled furiously, almost in a dirge.
I peered from the window and could see our driver gently carrying the dog out.

It was a medium-sized white and brown mongrel, dirty and severely emaciated.

Clearly, a hard life was written all over it's skinny body. It screamed and yelped in pain as it was lifted slowly towards a waiting room.

Five minutes later, our Vet returned and told us the grim news. The poor dog was very badly battered.

The skull was open, and the maggot infestation had caused half of its head to sink in.

Both eyes has been devoured by maggots.

The dog suffered the ordeal for quite awhile, according to our Vet.

It was swiftly put to sleep to end its suffering. I was called in to take the photographs.What I saw made me weep.

What cruelty can man inflict on one of God's innocent and loving creatures.

The poor dog had its head split open, I cannot imagine the pain it had gone through. We were all horrified beyond words.

This is what happens when people abandon their dogs, or contribute to the number of stray animals on the streets.

This dog had done no wrong, but met with such tragedy by being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Let this be a lesson to all – the streets are not kind to animals. Let's work together to ensure that one day, there will be no more homeless animals.


Iskandar said...

omg this is so sad, no matter wat kind of animal it is, we humans are suppose to help and care for these animals. I hope karma will get back to those kids who beat this animal up...this is just inhumane.

bubbleurchin said...

How could a fellow human being especially children do such a thing?If they can do such a thing at a young age,where are their virtues?I have seen children or even adult throw stone at dogs although the dog is not threathening them,some even yell,make scarry noise and start to run thus provoking the dog.They have a misconception that the dog will chase and bite them if they don't behave that way.School should educate children from young that animals are God's creation and we should not mistreat them to stop the vicious cycle from occuring.Can SPCA get more permission from school to give talk to children so that they do not have misconception and behave appropriately.I think this children torturing the dog must have hated(have misconception)it so much in order to derieve joy seeing a living creature suffer so much?

Anonymous said...

Parents should play role to educate kids to treat animals as living things too.. This is sad.. and inhumane :((

cwy said...

Dogs use to saves human life.They also help police to solve crimes.They risk their life to save human and why some people still treat them badly and cruel.I think dogs is better than human being.They dont care whether you are rich or poor,good or bad,as long as you treat them with your heart,they will be at your side whenever you need them.

PK said...

May these so called humans adults or child being so extremely cruel be dammed and rot in hell as they are not humans and will soon be criminals.

PrincessRen said...

sigh.. this is so depressing. May he rest in peace. Amen...

liming said...

this news is so depressing, and i was wondering, how come no 1 save the dog, i mean, this is insane, how can they beat it till he die in this cruel inhuman way? Are they really kids? someone pls educate this kind of "kid"!

melissa said...

we as adults need to learn humanity in order to teach the younger ones to act likewise...clearly they would have picked such acts from somewhere..
but every action has a reaction and God is watching

karenwang said...

Even dogs in pet shops are NOT safe from being tortured. I work in PJ Sect 14 & I pass by a pet shop there everyday. I've been seeing a big & tall Indian man, (wearing a dark blue coloured t-shirt with the Paw logo) slapping dogs in the cages whenever he cleans the cages everyday. He seems very reluctant to clean the cages which seems to be his daily job. My heart breaks everyday when I pass by this pet shop & see thru its glass windows on how he ill-treats the puppies. There's always little food there, so the puppies would eat their own poo-poo. When it's time for cleaning, the puppies would look so terried, because he would dump them on the floor roughly & give them a few slaps before cleaning. The bigger size the dog, the more slaps he/she will get.

I could not afford to buy all the dogs to save them from his torture, I really hope some one out there would go save the puppies. What I could personally do now is inform all friends to boycott this pet shop, which I was told the only one in PJ Sect 14.

God please save all poor animals.

karenwang said...
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karlheinz said...

these ppl dont deserved to be human....dogs are men best friend bcos no matter ur rich,poor,ugly or good looking they will treat with all their heart as long as u treat them good.

squirrel said...

Such evil in such a beautiful country. How could anyone not help this poor dog sooner ?

hmt0211 said...

I hate those cruel humans, which does not care of small animals. Although I was a high school students, but, when I grew up, I promise the things like that do not happen agian.Because, I want to become a ......

Azimah Othman said...

Blame it on their parents. The kids are such because their parents encourage them to be so. Instead of teaching their kids the rights and wrongs, the parents themselves are devils in disguise! Dear Doggie, I'm very sorry you had lived and died this way..

Sandy said...

I can't believe what I'm seeing. What has an innocent four legged done to deserve to be ill-treated till this state. Poor dog may you rest in peace and the monster/s who did this to you burn alive and stranded in hell forever. If these cruel thugs are children, they should be put to jail and receive heavy punishment. No excuse especially kids, for carrying out such cruel act towards an innocent living creature. Proper steps must be taken by the education department to educate the school children to love all living creature. I can't see Malaysia becoming a first class nation if this simple moral hasn't been instill in the mind of the youth.

Quiet Nomad said...

When I stayed in Malaysia for several month, visiting from the UK, I rescued a dying dog. Over the months I learned that there is a streak of deep cruelty running through the Malaysian culture towards animals. Some say it comes from the Muslim interpretation of 'unclean' animals. But I've seen cruelty and ignorance that has allowed unbelievable suffering to occur in innocent animals all over the country and from all ethnic groups. This type of ignorance is institutionalised in the Malaysian Government, and I think the public perpetuate cruelty because it is exercised by animal agencies within the government.

I'm sickened to see such cruelty. If we saw this type of sadism exercised on Malaysian people the perpetrators would be labelled sociopathic serial killers.

To those Malaysians who are more aware and compassionate than this, please take an active stand in fighting this awful, senseless cruelty in your country. If you don't stand up and do the right thing, then who will?

Quiet Nomad said...

If I can help spread the word through my blog let me know